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 This album features Suzy Andrews, whose debut single introduced her to North American audiences. Consisting mainly of covers, her album showcases a charming blend of synthpop, with tracks like "Der Kommissar" and "Da Da Da" standing out. These songs, originally hits for Falco and Trio, respectively, achieved significant success. Andrews released the album in 1982 on Rocshire Records in the USA before continuing her music career in France. Produced under the guidance of Peter Hauke, known for his work with Planet P Project alongside Tony Carey.

Track Listing: 
1. Der Komissar
2. Teenage Iceage
3. Scandal
4. Tango 2000
5. Born To Bleed
6. Da, Da, Da, I Don’t Love You
7. Goldener Reiter
8. Coming At You
9. Dreiklangdimension
10. King Kong
11. Monotony In Germany
12. Lover
13. Get Me (Club Mix)
14. Lover (Single Edit)