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Suzy Andrews - Suzy Andrews [CD]

Suzy Andrews - Suzy Andrews [CD]

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Initially many people in North America had no idea who Suzy Andrews​ was before picking up this single. Turns out she isn’t quite as esoteric as first assumed.

Upon listening to her debut album, most listeners found these covers thoroughly enjoyable. Being period, they have a certain honesty to them that say a more recent ‘ironic’ cover would most probably possess. ‘Der Kommissar’ in particular, has a cute pleasant white-girl rap thing going on, very reminiscent of Blondie’s ‘Rapture.’ Her later material from the late 80s through the early 90s is more traditional pop, but this early stuff is delightfully quirky synthpop.

‘Der Kommissar’ was a big hit for Falco (it’s creator) and UK band After The Fire, it reached #1 in Germany and #5 on the US Billboard Hot 100. ‘Da Da Da’ (full official title ‘Da da da, ich lieb dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht, aha aha ahawas) by Trio (another German band) reached #2 on the German charts in 1982, #33 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club.

Ex-pat Suzy Andrews released this one album in 1982 in the USA on Rocshire Records. Based in France for the balance of her music career she released several other albums and singles from1985 throughout the early 2000's. This album was created under the watchful eye of Peter Hauke who was one of the visionaries (along with Tony Carey) of Planet P Project.
1. Der Komissar
2. Teenage Iceage
3. Scandal
4. Tango 2000
5. Born To Bleed
6. Da, Da, Da, I Don’t Love You
7. Goldener Reiter
8. Coming At You
9. Dreiklangdimension
10. King Kong
11. Monotony In Germany
12. Lover
13. Get Me (Club Mix)
14. Lover (Single Edit)
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