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The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Alive In America [CD]

The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Alive In America [CD]

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American country rock group, which has characterized its music as American music or roots music—a blend of rock, country, blues, R&B, folk, reggae and Latino. The band is best known for its 1975 hit "Third Rate Romance". Live album that contain their greatest hits.



1. The End Is Not in Sight (The Cowboy Tune)

2. Hit the Nail on the Head

3. Anything You Want 

4. Who's Crying Now 

5. Love and Happiness 

6. Just Between You and Me and the Wall, You're a Fool 

7. Dancing the Night Away 

8. Emma-Jean 

9. Amazing Grace (Used to Be Her Favorite Song) 

10. Out of the Snow

11. If I Just Knew What to Say 

12. These Dreams of Losing You 

13. I Pity the Mother and Father (When the Kids Move Away) 

14. Typical American Boy 

15. Third Rate Romance 

16 Ella B 1.

17 I'll Be Gone 1.

18 Who Will the Next Fool Be 1.

19 Fool for the Woman

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