The Family Dogg - Way Of Life [CD]

The Family Dogg - Way Of Life [CD]

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The Family Dogg were a British vocal group, noted for their harmony vocals. They are best known for their debut album, A Way of Life, and the subsequent single of the same name. The idea was born when the Anglo-American singers of the Spanish groups, Los Flaps and Diamond Boys, Albert Hammond and Steve Rowland met for the first time at a concert in Madrid in 1964. In 1966, The Family Dogg was formed in England with the participation of the singers Mike Hazlewood and Pam Zooey Quinn. The debut album, A Way of Life was released in 1969, and the title track scored a number 6 hit in the UK Singles Chart. Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin were guest musicians on this album, along with Elton John.



  1. Julie's Just Gone
  2. All The Best Songs And Matches
  3. In The Ghetto
  4. Today I Killed A Man I Didn't Know
  5. Pattern People
  6. Save The Life Of My Child
  7. Love Minus Zero
  8. Reflections "Of Your Face"
  9. Run, Run, Run, Fly, Fly, Fly
  10. Moonshine Mary
  11. You Were On My Mind
  12. Place In The Sun
  13. Way Of Life
  14. I'll Wear A Silly Grin
  15. Arizona
  16. Brown-Eyed Girl
  17. Sympathy
  18. The Storm
  19. When Tomorrow Comes Tomorrow
  20. Family Dog
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