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The Orchestra - No Rewind [CD]

The Orchestra - No Rewind [CD]

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No Rewind is the debut album by the Orchestra, released in 2001.  The band is comprised of the former members of ELO and Electric Light Orchestra part 2.

The album was recorded without financial support from any record labels and was produced by Eric TroyerParthenon Huxley and Jim Jacobsen. Ten tracks and more were recorded in studios in Los Angeles and New York over a 2+12-year period. No Rewind contains the Bev Bevan co-authored composition "Over London Skies", "The Diary of Horace Wimp" soundalike "Jewel & Johnny", and a cover of "Twist and Shout" which begins in a slow, plaintive minor key with arpeggiated chords before building to the familiar, rocking major progression.


1. Jewel & Johnny
2. Say Goodbye
3. No Rewind
4. Over London Skies
5. Twist & Shout
6. Can’t Wait To See You
7. If Only
8. I Could Write A Book
9. Let Me Dream
10. Before We Go


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