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The Pentangle - Cruel Sister [180G LP]

The Pentangle - Cruel Sister [180G LP]

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Cruel Sister was an album recorded in 1970 by folk-rock band The Pentangle. It was the most folk-based of the albums recorded by the band, with all the tracks being versions of traditional songs. Whereas their previous album had been produced by Shel Talmy and featured quite a heavily produced, commercial sound, Cruel Sister was produced by Bill Leader, noted for his recordings of folk musicians. 180 gram deluxe gatefold vinyl. Package features trading cards, lost photos and lyric sheets.


1. A Maid That ’s Deep In Love (5:27)
2. When I Was In My Prime (2:53)
3. Lord Fran klin (3:22)
4. Cruel Sister (7:01)


5. Jack Orion (18:36)

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