The Rockets - The Rockets / No Ballads [CD]

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This album features The Rockets, a Detroit, Michigan rock band formed in 1972 by former members of Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels, Johnny "Bee" Bandajek and Jim McCarty. Bandajek handled vocals and drums, while McCarty played lead guitar. John Fraga was on bass, and Marc Marcano played keyboards. Johnny Bee was the primary songwriter and driving force behind the band. They began by playing gigs at venues such as The Rainbow Room and The Peoples Ballroom in Detroit, and The Rock 'N Roll Farm in Wayne Michigan.

Track Listing:

  1. Can’t Sleep
  2. Turn Up The Radio
  3. Oh Well
  4. Lost Forever, Left For Dreaming
  5. Long Long Gone
  6. Love Me Once Again
  7. Something Ain’t Right
  8. Lucille
  9. Feel Alright
  10. Desire
  11. Don’t Hold On
  12. Restless
  13. Sally Can’t Dance
  14. Takin’ It Back
  15. Time After Time
  16. Sad Songs
  17. I Want You To Love Me
  18. Is It True
  19. Troublemaker