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The Sherbs - Defying Gravity [CD]

The Sherbs - Defying Gravity [CD]

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A second Sherbs album, Defying Gravity, followed in 1981, but failed to produce a single that charted in the either the US or Australian top 100. However, the band did chart again on Billboard's Rock Tracks Chart with the album cut "We Ride Tonight". Staying on the chart for 16 weeks the track reached number 26 in June of 1982. The track's mild AOR success was not enough to ignite album sales in the US, though, as Defying Gravity only reached #202 on the album charts.

Track List

  1. We Ride Tonight
  2. Free The Sailor
  3. Steppin' On Ice
  4. Blood On My Hands
  5. We Can Make It
  6. I'm Alive
  7. The Danger Zone
  8. Some People
  9. The Escape
  10. I Wanna Lay With You
  11. Defying Gravity
  12. Don't Throw It All Away
  13. Shaping Up
  14. Tonight Will Last Forever
  15. The Party's Over
  16. Howzat (Live)
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