The Strawbs - Alive In America [CD]

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This album features The Strawbs, one of the standout British progressive bands of the early '70s. Setting themselves apart, their sound drew heavily from English folk music rather than rock. They gained recognition with their hit "Part of the Union," which peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart in February 1973. Another notable track from the same LP is "Lay Down," a popular progressive rock hit. The Strawbs embarked on tours with Supertramp during their "Crime of the Century" tour, and they undertook their own "Hero and Heroine" tour, drawing musical similarities and themes. A review in Rolling Stone in 1974 praised their transition from folkier roots to a lush, mellotron-dominated sound, drawing comparisons to Yes, King Crimson, and the Moody Blues. Critics noted their compelling songwriting and lyrical depth.

Track Listing:

1. The Last Resort

2. Ghosts

3. No Return 

4. Heartbreaker 

5. Simple Visions

6. Out In The Cold 

7. Round And Round

8. Hero And Heroine 

9. Lay Down 

Sound Quality Disclaimer:  

Please be aware that the sound quality of this vinyl recording may vary due to the nature of live performances. While efforts have been made to capture the essence of the original show, certain imperfections or variations may be present. These aspects contribute to the unique and authentic character of live recordings and are intentional to maintain the raw energy of the performance.