After The Fire - Der Kommissar [LP] Test Pressing

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Renaissance Records is proud to present this website exclusive test pressing - limited copies available!

This album features After The Fire's iconic release, "Der Kommissar," now available on deluxe 180g Vinyl! Originally launched in 1982, this compilation vividly showcases the band's evolution from progressive rock to new wave. Immerse yourself in their musical journey, highlighted by singles carefully selected from albums like Laser Love, 80-F, and Batteries Not Included.

Track listing:

Side One

1. Laser Love 3:28
2. One Rule For You 3:24
3. Dancing In The Shadows 3:01
4. Sometimes 3:07
5. Sailing Ship 3:55
6. Carry Me Home 3:22

Side Two

7. Frozen Rivers 3:33
8. Love Will Always Make You Cry 3:32
9. Starflight 3:46
10. Der Kommissar 5:43
11. 1980-F 2:32