Amanda Easton - Wallflower [LP] Black

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This album features the unique blend of electronic-pop, trip hop, and avant-garde film noir by Sydney-based singer and songwriter Amanda Easton. With chart-topping singles from two studio albums and three EPs, Renaissance Records proudly presents "Wallflower." The electro-pop masterpiece comes with a gatefold and lyric sheet, inviting you into Amanda's world with sultry and chill melodies.

Pressed on a single 180-gram black vinyl!

Track listing:

Side One

1. Girl In The Song (3:59)

2. Circle Of Light (3:57)

3. Wallflower (2:58)

4. Walk The Skies (3:33)

5. At The Door (3:33)

6. Conversation (3:32)

Side Two

7. Linea Nigra (3:40)

8. Don't Even Take Off Your Coat (3:27)

9. Shadow On The Boulevard (3:27)

10. Don't Forget You Love Me (4:04)

11. Overcome (3:23)