Chas Cronk - Liberty [LP] Black

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This album features Chas Cronk, a renowned English rock singer-songwriter, and bassist. Best known for his time with the Strawbs and touring with Steve Hackett, Chas utilized quarantine to create his solo work. Liberty, originally planned as an EP, is the result of his solo efforts, with all vocals, instruments, visuals, and production by Chas Cronk. Special thanks to Major Baldini for live drums.

Pressed on a single 180-gram black vinyl!

Track listing:

Side One

1. Liberty (5:40)
2. Take My Hand (5:27)
3. A Splash Of Blue (with Dave Lambert) (4:59)
4. Everybody Knows (4:32)
5. Flying Free (2:23)

Side Two
6. Into The Light (4:44)
7. Slipping Downstream (4:48) (with Dave Bainbridge)
8. Away (5:25)
9. System Overload (4:21)
10. Reverie (2:18)