Chilliwack - Anthology [CD]

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This album features Chilliwack, a Canadian rock band known for hits like "My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)", "I Believe", and "Whatcha Gonna Do." Lead guitarist Bill Henderson has been a consistent member since their formation, with the band undergoing lineup changes over the years. Chilliwack began as the Classics, later becoming the Collectors in 1966, before adopting the name Chilliwack in 1970. They found success in Canada with songs like "Lonesome Mary", "Crazy Talk", and "Fly at Night". Their lineup solidified in 1978 with the addition of Brian MacLeod and Ab Bryant, leading to their greatest success. The band won a Best Producer Juno Award in 1982 for Opus X. After MacLeod's departure and the release of their last recording in 1984, Henderson continued touring with different musicians until 1988. In 1989, he formed the band UHF. Following MacLeod's passing in 1992, benefit concerts were held in his honor. Chilliwack continued to perform, including at the Voyageur Days Festival in 2005.
Track Listing:
  1. My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) 
  2. Fly At Night 
  3. Watcha Gonna Do 
  4. I Believe 
  5. Don’t Stop 
  6. Communication Breakdown 
  7. Arms Of Mary 
  8. Never Be The Same 
  9. How Can You Hide Your Love 
  10. Getting Better 
  11. Baby Blue 
  12. Lonesome Mary 
  13. (We Don’t Have To) Fall In Love 
  14. Tell It To The Telephone 
  15. Secret Information 
  16. She Don’t Know 
  17. California Girl 
  18. Raino 
  19. Crazy Talk 
  20. I Wanna Be The One 
  21. Don't It make Ya Feel