Dirty Dollhouse - Vinyl Child/Queen Coyote [2LP] Blue Marble

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This album features Dirty Dollhouse, showcasing the multi-genre talent of Philadelphia-based artist Chelsea Mitchell. A folk chanteuse with classical training and a penchant for retro-pop and country, Mitchell gained recognition with her lo-fi EP "Married in the Aviary." Awarded Tri-State Indie Vocalist of the Year, her song "Nobody’s Daughter" was featured in American Songwriter Magazine. "25 Shades," her follow-up EP, explored a Nashville vibe, while the 2017 full-length album "Vinyl Child" presented a mix of dark pop and intimate confessions.

Pressed on a double 180-gram BLUE MARBLE vinyl!

Track listing:

Side One
1. Last Time,
2. Let Slide,
3. Moonshine,
4. Nobody Cryin',
5. Don't Know Me,
6. Somebody's Baby.

Side Two
7. Out Of My Head,
8. Half Moon, Again,
9. I Need Your Lovin',
10. Lucky,
11. Dreams & Dreams Of You,
12. Sidecar.

Side Three
13. Love You Anymore,
14. Underdog,
15. Honey, They're Onto Us,
16. Hollywood Lovesong,
17. Keep It Together