Ellen Shipley - Breaking Through The Ice Age [CD]

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This album featured Ellen Shipley, renowned for her collaborations with Rick Nowels. Together, they've crafted songs for Kim Wilde and contributed to multiple Belinda Carlisle albums, including "Belinda," "Heaven on Earth," "Runaway Horses," and "Live Your Life Be Free." Shipley's versatile career also includes solo work, collaborations with Ralph Schuckett, and a notable appearance on Saturday Night Live on December 13, 1980.

Track Listing:

  1. Heart to Heart 
  2. Fotogenic
  3. Jamie
  4. This Little Girl
  5. Talk Don't Shout
  6. Solo 
  7. Lost Without Your Love 
  8. Promise to Keep 
  9. Living For the Tenderness
  10. We All Want What We Can't Have 
  11. Sitting Duck 
  12. It's All Over Now 
  13. She Stands Alone 
  14. Fever