ELO Pt. 2 Vinyl and CD Bundle

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This bundle features a comprehensive collection that will delight fans of ELO Pt. 2. It includes various vinyl editions of their debut LP, as well as additional CDs featuring their iconic tracks and albums.
The bundle includes the following albums:
  1. Three versions of ELO Pt. 2's debut LP on colored vinyl (clear, gold, and marbled coffee)
  2. Moment of Truth double LP on 180-gram black vinyl
  3. CD: ELO Pt. 2 - ELO Pt. 2
  4. CD: ELO Pt. 2 - Moment of Truth
  5. CD: ELO Pt. 2 & The Orchestra - Anthology
  6. CD: The Orchestra - No Rewind
  7. CD: Kelly Groucutt - Kelly