Eurogliders - Absolutely [CD]

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This album features "Absolutely," the third studio album by the Australian Indie pop rock band Eurogliders, released in October 1985. It achieved great success, reaching #7 on the Australian Kent Music Report albums chart and remaining in the charts for 47 weeks. The album produced three top ten hit singles: "We Will Together" in April, "The City of Soul" in September, and "Can't-Wait to See You" in November. Additionally, two further singles, "Absolutely" and "So Tough," were released in 1986.

Track Listing:

1. Can't Wait To See You

2. The City Of Soul

3. What Kind Of Fool 

4. So Tough 

5. We Will Together 

6. Absolutely 

7. Jesse 

8. Moving Away

9. Enough Love 

10. I Like To Hear It 

11. The City Of Soul

12. Dreaming

13. Another Day In The Big World ( extended version)