Indie/Folk Legends Bundle - Dirty Dollhouse, The Pentangle, & Fairport Convention

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Introducing the Indie/Folk Legends Bundle - a gem for aficionados of the indie folk genre!

This collection is a harmonious blend of soulful storytelling, intricate acoustic arrangements, and heartfelt lyrics that define the indie folk sound. 

This bundle includes: 

1. Dirty Dollhouse - Vinyl Child/ Queen Coyote (2LP) 

This album features Dirty Dollhouse, showcasing the multi-genre talent of Philadelphia-based artist Chelsea Mitchell. A folk chanteuse with classical training and a penchant for retro-pop and country, Mitchell gained recognition with her lo-fi EP "Married in the Aviary." Awarded Tri-State Indie Vocalist of the Year, her song "Nobody’s Daughter" was featured in American Songwriter Magazine. "25 Shades," her follow-up EP, explored a Nashville vibe, while the 2017 full-length album "Vinyl Child" presented a mix of dark pop and intimate confessions.

2. The Pentangle - The Pentangle (LP) 

This album features "The Pentangle," the 1968 debut album of the band with members John Renbourn, Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, Danny Thompson, and Terry Cox. Seamlessly blending folk, jazz, blues, early music, and contemporary songwriting, it became one of the band's most commercially successful albums, reaching number 21 in the British charts. 

3. Fairport Convention - Alive In America 1974 (LP) 

This album features Fairport Convention's 1974 live recording from their USA tour, making its debut on vinyl. The band, founded in 1967 by Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Ashley Hutchings, and Shaun Frater, evolved through lineup changes, with Sandy Denny steering them towards traditional British music. Liege & Lief marked the inclusion of fiddler Dave Swarbrick. By 1974, Dave Pegg replaced Hutchings. This vinyl release captures a pivotal moment in the band's history during their USA tour.