Rage - Nice 'N' Dirty [CD]

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This album features the band Nutz, originally from Liverpool, England, who disbanded in 1978 after years of touring. Mick Devonport and Kenny Newton pursued other ventures, while the remaining members took gigs in Liverpool. However, when Mick Devonport returned from America to find success with a track on an album, the band reunited. With Keith Mulholland, David Lloyd, and John Mylett eager to give it another shot, they recorded their debut album as Rage, "Out Of Control," which included both old and new songs. The album's success led to a world tour and subsequent albums, including "Rocking Nice 'n' Dirty" in 1982, featuring the standout track "Wild Cat Woman," and "Run for the Night" in 1983, before disbanding again

Track Listing:

0. Intro

1. American Radio Stations

2. Wasted Years

3. Woman

4. Heartbreaker

5. Silver And Gold

6. Long Way From Home

7. Only Child

8. Blame It On The Night

9. Wild Cat Woman

10. Ready To Go