Romeo's Daughter - Slipstream & Rapture [LP] Bundle (Marble)

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This exclusive online bundle features Romeo’s Daughter 'Slipstream' (2024) and 'Rapture' (2012). 'Rapture' garnered critical acclaim, with its lead single 'Bittersweet' securing a spot-on Classic Rock Magazine's 'Top Songs of 2012' chart. 'Slipstream' is an album filled with songs that are synonymous with the classic RD sound that you know and love with a few surprises along the way! It has been made with love and the deep respect we have for their wonderful fans. Purchase this exclusive bundle today and ALSO get a discounted Romeo's Daughter Rapture CD! << Click Link & "Add to Cart" to apply CD discount!

'Slipstream' is pressed on 180-gram BLUE MARBLE colored vinyl!
'Rapture' is pressed on a single 180-gram BLACK vinyl!

SLIPSTREAM - Track Listing:

Side A

1. Over You
2. Everything
3. How Does It Feel
4. Inseparable
5. Rumor

Side B

6. Thinkin About You
7. Time Of Your Life
8. Good Man Gone Bad
9. I'll Make A Man Out Of You
10. Fake

RAPTURE - Track Listing:

Side One

1. Trippin' Out (4:23)
2. Bittersweet (4:23)
3. Cannot Be The One (4:03)
4. Keep Walking (2:48)
5. Lightning (3:24)
6. Fly Away (2:56)

Side Two

7. Alive (4:23)
8. Make My Dreams Come True (4:22)
9. Precious Thing (3:30)
10. Talking Love (4:13)
11. He's Mine (2:31)
12. Will Be (3:08)