Russ Ballard - Russ Ballard/The Fire Still Burns [CD]

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This album features Russ Ballard, originally known as the lead singer and guitarist for the band Argent. "Russ Ballard" was his first solo studio release in 1974, while "Into The Fire" was his fifth studio album, originally released in 1981.

Track Listing:

  1. I Can't Hear You No More
  2. In The Night
  3. Two Silhouettes
  4. Voices
  5. A Woman Like You
  6. Day To Day
  7. Playing With Fire
  8. The Last Time
  9. Once A Rebel
  10. The Omen
  11. Hey Bernadette
  12. Searching
  13. Time
  14. Your Time Is Gonna Come
  15. Dream On
  16. The Fire Still Burns