Tane Cain - Tane Cain [CD]

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This album features a digitally remastered edition of Tané Cain's self-titled AOR classic, produced by her then-husband Jonathan Cain (Journey, The Babys). Released in 1982, the album showcased Cain's voice and looks, poised for stardom in the golden period of female rock singers. Despite support from a major record label and seasoned musicians, including Jonathan Cain himself, the album remained a fascinating curiosity rather than a commercial success. With co-writing from Cain, contributions from renowned producer Keith Olson, and top west coast session players like guitarist Tim Pierce and Journey members Neal Schon and Mike Baird, the album was meticulously crafted but failed to achieve mainstream success.

Track Listing:

  1. Temptation
  2. Danger Zone
  3. My Time To Fly
  4. Crazy Eyes
  5. Holdin’ On
  6. Almost Any Night
  7. Ver tigo
  8. Hurtin’ Kind
  9. Suspicious Eyes