The Blackheart Orchestra - Songs From A Satellite [LP] Blue

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This album features the first-time vinyl release of Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington, also known as The Blackheart Orchestra. Their haunting yet superb songs leave a lasting impression, showcasing exceptional musicianship, performance, and quality. Remastered in 2020, the package includes a gatefold, lost photos, lyric sheets, and additional elements, presenting a meticulously crafted and collectible collection for fans.

 Pressed on a single 180-gram BLUE vinyl!

Track Listing: 

Side One

1. The Sky And I

2. Not Over Yet

3. Round And Round And Round

4. Any Shade Of Blue

5. Come The Fall

Side Two

6. Everything You Are

7. Living In The Underworld

8. Me The

9. Rain On Me

10. Hey Pluto