The Pinups - The Pinups [CD]

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This album features The Pin-Ups, a band formed in 1995 by Mondo C. Castro, Pamela Aquino, and Jennifer Tan from Keltscross. Dubbed the "first Philippine-based band to sign with a U.S. label," they also appeared in a UK-based compilation album and released a 2015 single with U.S. indie label HolyZone Records. Despite not achieving massive success, they gained more recognition overseas. This CD reissue presents their 1980 debut album, "The Pinups."

Track Listing:

1. Just About a Dream
2. Song on the Radio
3. My My My
4. It's Ony Love
5. Angel
6. Stage Struck
7. Baby Don't Run Out on Me
8. Girl of Wood
9. Love Hit Me
10. City Life
11. Roll Over
12. Push Push
13. Neon
14. Nightflight
15. And the Poodles Dance on
16. Midnight Dancer
17. Razorblade
18. New Wave Lover
19. Do It All Night
20. Call Me Babe
21. Wild Thing
22. Money and Love
23. Girl of Wood (Original Version)