Wetton Manzanera - Wetton Manzanera [LP] Test Pressing

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Renaissance Records is proud to present this website exclusive test pressing - limited copies available!

This album features a digitally remastered 1987 release on vinyl, showcasing John Wetton (Asia/King Crimson) and Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music/801) alongside Alan White (Yes), Vic Emerson (Sad Cafe), and Kevin Godley (10cc). Dive into hits like "Have You Seen Her Tonight," "Suzanne," and "Round In Circles." 

Track Listing:

Side One

1. It’s Just Love (3:38)
2. Keep On Loving Yourself (5:14)
3. You Don’t Have To Leave My Life (4:26)
4. Suzanne (3:23)
5. Round In Circles (4:32)

Side Two

6. Do It Again (4:49)
7. Every Trick In The Book (4:06)
8. One World (3:55)
9. I Can’t Let You Go (3:22)
10. Have You Seen Her Tonight? (4:45)